Epson “empty cartridge” scam

I own an Epson Aculaser C2600 printer. It works reasonably well, although the steadily increasing price of the toner cartridges is a bit vexing. Not enough to qualify for the “scam” tag though.

The scam is that the printer announces that the toner cartridges are empty long, long, long before this actually becomes the case. And in its default state, the printer simply refuses to print another page until the cartridge is replaced.

As if that weren’t bad enough, I’ve phoned Epson technical support on two separate occasions to ask if there’s a way to override this setting, even just to finish the last few pages of a print run, and the answer on both occasions has been “no, sorry, there isn’t”.

However, when the printer downed tools mid-December claiming to be out of cyan toner, I spent a while wading through the labyrinthine menus on the printer’s tiny screen and I discovered one that says “Cartridge empty: stop OR continue”. So I changed it to ‘continue’ to see what would happen. And here’s the bit that merits the “scam” label.

I’ve since over 600 double-sided letters, each with a blue logo on front and back, and it’s still going strong. That’s 1200 blue logos from an empty blue cartridge.

How does this compare to other printers and manufacturers? Leave us a comment!

Blue. Lots of it.

Blue. Lots of it.


5 komentoj to “Epson “empty cartridge” scam”

  1. Inks Correspondent Says:

    I read you can ‘convince’ the printer there’s toner remaining by shaking the cartridge. Whether there’s truth in that (rather elementary) solution I can’t say!

    As for the price of OEM cartridges – well, it was recently shown that they’re more expensive than human blood. Does that make them a scam? I wouldn’t like to say.

  2. timsk Says:

    “I read you can ‘convince’ the printer there’s toner remaining by shaking the cartridge.” <– Thanks for the tip, but I haven't even needed to yet. Printed another 120 sides last night too, each with the same blue logo in the corner…

  3. timsk Says:

    In addition to the now approaching 1500 blue logos that I’ve printed with my empty blue cartridge, I’ve also just printed the page shown above — the word “bleu” with a blob of solid blue filling more than half of the surface of the paper. Printed copy looks perfect. Cartridge is still going strong.

  4. anne Says:

    Same okazas (preskaù) kun mia Canon MP520 kiu loooonge antaue anoncas ke inko estas for… Sed relative facile por tamen printi, krom eternaj sed ne tro aklivaj mesghoj ke ‘ink has run out’. Anne

  5. magica Says:

    Tio rememoris al mi filmeton . Ĉu vi spektis ĝin?


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