Cambridge Water: competent, and lovely too

Came back from holiday this week to find we’d got no water. Phoned Cambridge Water to see if they knew anything about it, and even at 11pm, they still had competent engineers on the phone, who spent 20 minutes talking me through different stuff to test and to try.

Their engineer came out the next morning, and it turned out our main inlet pipe was frozen. It managed to freeze because it’s outside the house (in the cupboard next to the front door), not inside the house like the building regulations say it’s supposed to be. Grr. Anyway, 10 minutes with a hairdryer put it to rights.

Top marks to Cambridge water though, both for late-night telephone help, and friendly, competent (and free) help in getting up and running again in the morning, even though it wasn’t actually their fault at all (well, er, apart from allowing Taylor Woodrow’s plumbing monkeys to go ahead and break building regulations in the first place — they should have and could have refused to allow connection to the water main until the plumbing was up to scratch).

Still very pleased with their customer service though.  :o)



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