in Esperanto

For a few years now, I’ve been part of a team (and now leading said team) who are working on a translation of into Esperanto.

The big news today is that I’ve just succeeded in transferring the work we’ve done so far — several years’ worth, albeit hardly flat-out — onto the site, which will make working together on the translations much, much easier.

What have we been doing since we started in 2002? Well, first there was the glossary of about 6,800 terms to translate from English into Esperanto. Many already existed, but some were completely new to the language, so there were sometimes lengthy discussions about the best terminology to adopt. We tried as much as possible to make our translation as consistent as possible with other existing Esperanto programs (e.g. Ĉapelilo, Mozilla, KDE, and others) and also with the Glossary of Computational Terms of Sergio Pokrovskij. Once that was completed, we started on the program itself, but it’s an absolutely mammoth task.

What didn’t help was that there was no clear method for doing the work; each language team seemed to have just evolved its own way and its own website almost in splendid isolation, so there were lots of ideas but no simple instructions.

For a long time, any work done by other members of the team was sent to me for integration into the archives, but this became a sticking point, because there were several of them and only one of me, without always much time to devote to the project.

Now, however, automates much of what I used to do by hand, albeit without the proof-reading that I would do at the same time. However, it’s easy for others to go through and proof-read and correct, so that work is now shared too.

So… we’re all set to work together, hopefully much more efficiently than before, on this project. Here’s hoping we finally see some results, i.e. a published Esperanto version of the program, some time this year.


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