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Feature on “PM”, BBC Radio 4

Januaro 17, 2006

This afternoon, on BBC Radio 4’s “PM” programme, there was a feature about language learning which included an interview with Prof. John Wells of University College London.

Well, it’s more a 45-second statement on “why learning Esperanto is a good idea” than an interview as such, but presented on the same platform and in exactly the same way as other voices on “why learning Chinese/Spanish/etc. is a good idea”. In fact, coming to the subject cold, you could almost believe that the choice that students across the land were facing was between Chinese, Esperanto, Spanish, Arabic or French. In that order!

You can listen to my recording of the extract, or hear the whole programme again courtesy of the BBC (for the coming week anyway).

Eddie Mair says at the end: “Some thoughts there; let me know what you think.“. So don’t just sit there, get writing!