After doing some work on the very fine in the last month or so (specifically, translating it into Esperanto…


…and filing dozens of bug reports about their i18n framework), I went to one of their periodic, informal get-togethers down in London. Can’t say I contributed enormously to the work they were doing that day, but it was good to put one or two names to faces, and I hope to be able to contribute constructively again some time soon.

mySociety grew out of an informal group who created — a service allowing people to do exactly what it says on the tin, for free, via a website. You bung in your postcode, it finds your MP, you write your fax, and off it goes. This has now morphed into the broader service, which works on the same principle but allows you to write to your MP, MEP, MSP, local councillors, etc.

In June 2005, they launched, whereby people promise to do some good deed on condition that a certain number of other people either do the same or help them in some way. And the Esperanto version, only a couple of weeks old, already has a half a dozen pledges on it, some of which are well on the way to succeeding already. 🙂


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