Forum of Languages and Culture, Tours, France

This weekend, I took up an invitation from the Esperanto group in Tours to take part in the town’s Forum of Languages and Culture. There were representatives of a good number of languages and countries, including Lithuania where I spent a week in July. As for me, I was there to give a presentation — two in fact — about Esperanto.

Now, given that the rooms reserved for the presentations were miles away from the exhibition hall and that we hardly did any publicity work at all, it wasn’t the biggest shock in the world when they weren’t exactly standing in the aisles for Saturday’s presentation. A dozen Esperantists and a sole friend of one of them was about it. 😕

For the Sunday, then, we printed a pile of flyers which we distributed in the half-hour before the start of the presentation. That way, anyone with no particular engagements for the afternoon who might be interested would be much more likely to choose this event over others… and in fact there were considerably more people second time round, and people who were interested and who asked some incisive, intelligent questions too. 🙂

A good result in the end, then, and I was happy with my weekend.

I should mention my hosts for the weekend too (two members of the Esperanto club, who will remain anonymous here — they know it’s them I’m writing about). They were very welcoming indeed, at their house as well as in the restaurants and during a walking tour of, well, Tours, an that added a lot to my enjoyment of the weekend.

I’m grateful also to the local Esperanto, who covered all my expenses for the weekend.


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