The Libre Software Meeting 2005

In July 2005 I went to the Libre Software Meeting 2005 in Dijon, and gave a presentation entitled:

“Linux: the Esperanto of software
Esperanto: the Linux of languages”

I nicked the title from the email signature of Vilhelmo Lutermano (the guy who maintains Le Monde Diplomatique in Esperanto), and the content was heavily based on an article by Dale Gulledge, who had the idea of comparing the evolution of Esperanto with the development of an open source software project, following the lines of the seminal work The Cathedral and the Bazaar. And it would appear that it was not at all badly received by the public. 🙂

If the last paragraph hasn’t put you to sleep, you might be interested in downloading and watching the video of the presentation. Note that it’s all in French though. At nearly 200Mb, it’ll take a while to download, even with broadband, but the video lasts over an hour. The sound quality’s not great, but it’s the best we could do with the equipment available.

2 komentoj to “The Libre Software Meeting 2005”

  1. Dale Gulledge Says:

    I really have to Google my own name a bit more often. I’ll let you know what i think.

  2. Tim Morley Says:

    I did ask you at the time for permission to use your ideas, and you wrote back on 14th June 2005: “Certe, vi povas uzi la ideojn de mia artikolo pri Esperanto kaj Libera Programaro.”

    I thought I’d sent you a link to it afterwards too, but I can’t find any trace of that now.

    Anyway, do download it and let me know what you think.



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